Experts worth hearing

We bring together a wide spread of talent to make your mind race and synaptic neurone positively glow with excitement. You won’t want to miss the hard-earned lessons from some pretty amazing people in the software industry.

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Speaker List

Tom Adeyoola

CEO/Founder, Metail

Tom is the CEO/Founder of Metail, the body shape and garment fit visualisation company. He spends his spare time skiing and watching films but not concurrently.

Laura Roeder

CEO/Founder, MeetEdgar & Ropig

Laura Roeder founded MeetEdgar, a social media automation tool, in 2014, while pregnant. Bootstrapped and profitable from the outset, MeetEdgar has grown and now counts a remote workforce of 28 people.

Carl Ryden

CEO/Founder, PrecisionLender

Beginning in 2009 with a blinking cursor and a blank screen, Carl developed PrecisionLender’s loan pricing system. He still codes but also provides strategic consulting to PrecisionLender clients and thinks a lot about artificial intelligence in banking.

Nilan Peiris

VP Growth, Transferwise

Nilan Peiris is VP Growth at TransferWise, a new kind of financial company for people and businesses that travel, live and work internationally.

Wade Foster

CEO/Founder, Zapier

Wade Foster is the CEO and co-founder of Zapier, a workflow automation tool used by over 1.5 million people to connect the work apps they use every day.

Bruce McCarthy

President, BPMA

Bruce is a serial entrepreneur who has led product teams at NetProspex, ATG, Oracle and D&B. He is a prolific writer, organizer, and sought-after speaker at product management, agile, UX, and innovation events around the worl

Bill Janeway

Partner & Senior Advisor, Warburg Pincus

Bill Janeway has lived a double life of ‘theorist-practitioner’, according to economist Hyman Minsky. As ‘practitioner’, Bill’s been an active investor across five decades.

Alison Coward

Founder, Bracket

Alison Coward is founder of consulting and facilitation agency Bracket, helping teams in the creative and technology sector to collaborate better and improve their performance.

Jane Austin

Director of Design and UX, MOO

UX Specialist Jane Austin is Director of Design and User Experience at MOO, the fastest growing print business in the world.

Tim Barker

CEO, DataSift

Tim Barker is CEO of DataSift, a Human Data Intelligence Platform that partners with the world’s biggest social/news network to apply Analytics and Artificial Intelligence to help companies understand the world beyond their own business.

Tendayi Viki

Managing Partner, Benneli Jacobs

Tendayi is an academic, (teaching Organizational Psychology, Entrepreneurial Innovation and Research Methods), turned author, storyteller and corporate troublemaker with a PhD in Psychology – and an MBA.

Stephen Allott

Chairman, NED

Stephen grew Micromuse (NASDAQ: MUSE) to a $7bn market cap – the most valuable organically grown UK software company to date.

Rioch Edwards-Brown

Founder, So you want to be in TV?

Rioch Edwards-Brown is Founder of So You Wanna Be In TV? a social enterprise set up after her son was shot and stabbed while in school.

Tom Britton

Co-Founder, SyndicateRoom

A British father, a passion for football and a one-way ticket to Edinburgh explain a lot about why Tom Britton is in Cambridge and not Manhattan Beach California.

Mark Smith

CEO, ContactEngine

Mark is the CEO of a Shoreditch based Scaleup ContactEngine. Operating globally, the company automates customer communication for some of the largest brands in the world including Whirlpool, Centrica, Verizon, Sky, Virgin Media, BT etc.