Tom Adeyoola

CEO/Founder, Metail

Tom is the CEO/Founder of Metail, the body shape and garment fit visualisation company. He spends his spare time skiing and watching films but not concurrently.

Tom’s career since graduating in economics from Cambridge has spanned all forms of new media, from Sportal to 3 and most recently as Head of Gaming at Inspired Gaming Group. Tom also founded the Cambridge technology start-up recruitment fair Silicon Milkround Cambridge, was an active member of the UK government’s DCMS Think Tank on the Convergence of Media (2009), a Demos working group on technology legislation and is the inspiration behind the launch of the government’s Seed Enterprise Investment Scheme (SEIS). Tom is also a patron for the creative industries incubator MeWe360 and a NED of personal wellness technology startup Chiaro and social innovation startup Do Nation.

Why ‘Brilliant’ Technology Fails to have Impact

A rugby playing economics graduate with limited interest in fashion, Tom founded a fashion tech business. Why? His wife hated shopping – trying stuff on, feeling bad because clothes didn’t fit, not wanting to go shopping again… He saw clothes shopping had significant customer pain, understood the market opportunity and thought about the simplest way to solve the problem.

Tom recognised he couldn’t relate and empathise with customers without a team of people that could. If you want a great business, you need a workforce that represents your consumer base or you will not build products people love. Tom will discuss the challenges he’s faced in ten years building Metail, why diversity is hard but makes makes economic sense, and why he doesn’t think of his team as a family – more of a Formula One team.