Tom Adeyoola

CEO & Founder, Metail

Tom was the CEO/Founder of Metail, the garment fit visualisation company until it was sold in 2019. He’s planning his next startup and working with a number of organisations who aim to generate postive society and climate impact through technology.

Tom’s career since graduating in economics from Cambridge has moved from Sportal, through 3, to Inspired Gaming Group before he founded Metail in 2008. Metail raised over £25M in funding; built a values based culture; opened offices in London, Cambridge and Singapore; employed over 100 people from school leavers to PhDs; was nominated for a BAFTA; filed over 20 patents; digitised over 2m bodies worldwide from South Korea to Brazil; and won awards from the Europas to the Techies. Metail was sold to TAL Apparel in 2019.

Tom currently serves as Non-Exec Director for zero carbon monitoring consultancy Verco and social environmental impact start-up ‘Do Nation’. In addition, he is a on the board of Trustees for the creative industries charity MeWe360, served on the board of the revolutionary women’s personal wellness scale-up Elvie (2013-2017), and is the inspiration behind the government’s Seed Enterprise Investment Scheme (SEIS).

Always be Learning: the Power of the Past to Shape the Future

Tom will share some the lessons he’s learned across his career in corporates, startups and as the entrepreneur, founder and CEO of Metail that make him optimistic about a technology driven future. Having built and sold Metail, an entrepreneurial journey with plenty of highs and lows along the way, Tom wants to ensure that his next venture is something that is both an economic success and will have a long term and positive effect on society and the environment. How can he make it happen and why does he believe that people, profit and planet are no longer mutually exclusive business aims.