Stephen Allott

Venture Partner, Seedcamp

Stephen is a business and social entrepreneur, Venture Partner at Seedcamp, author of Sales Tales, chairman of Aspirant Analytics and Founder of the Cambridge University Computer Lab Ring, with 272 graduate founded companies in its Hall of Fame.

Stephen was President, CFO and a main board director of Micromuse (NASDAQ: MUSE) taking it from 10 to 800 people and world market leadership.  Reaching $7 billion market cap, MUSE is the most valuable organically grown UK origin software company to date. He has worked for Xerox, Sun Microsystems, McKinsey & Company, Red Gate Software and the Cabinet Office growing the G-Cloud Digital Marketplace to over £6 billion in sales.

He is a graduate of Trinity College, Cambridge University, was called to the Bar at Gray’s Inn, is a quondam City Fellow of Hughes Hall, Cambridge University and was the youngest ever chairman of the Bar Association for Commerce Finance Industry.

Sales Success – a Drama in 3 Acts

The enterprise software sales success formula changes radically as a company moves from start-up through scale-up to success story. As you evolve from toddler, to teenager to adult,  many things change such as:

  • The customers you target
  • What they look for in a supplier
  • Whether you use trials or references to make a sale
  • Why customers are willing to risk buying from an SME
  • The role of the Founder in sales
  • The profile of sales reps you hire

The 3 act drama explains why success in one act can lead to failure in the next if you don’t change your approach. It explains why big company sales reps may fail in an early stage. It explains why you cannot go straight from start-up to success story and miss out the middle act.

You will learn: How the most admired software sales organisations become successful and what you can do to emulate that success in your business.