Sally Foote

VP of eCommerce, GoCompare

Now VP Ecommerce at GoCompare, Sally has been part of the team behind some high-profile digital product launches at the Guardian, the award winning Times and Sunday Times paywall, BT Sport and Photobox.

Sally has a product background and leads eCommerce at GoCompare overseeing digital marketing and product development. She loves working at the strategic execution level – creating business visions and goals and translating these into executable products that deliver tangible value for organisations and their customers.

Growth: Should You or Shouldn’t You Listen to Your Customers?

Sally will share her experience and expertise working with some high-profile digital businesses operating at scale to manage profitable growth and innovation in their organisations. She will explain: how she uses data-driven decision-making frameworks to identify profitable opportunities that can have a potentially transformational impact; why listening to your customers isn’t always a good idea; and how to know when you should.