Randy Silver

Director, UK Insider Insights, Motivate Design

Randy is a recovering music journalist & editor. After launching Amazon’s music stores in the US and UK, Randy’s worked across a plethora of areas: museums and arts groups, online education, media & entertainment, retail and financial services.

He’s held Head of Product roles at HSBC and Sainsbury’s, where he also directed their 100+ person product community. Randy is Motivate Design’s UK Director for Insider Insights, a new approach to the product discovery process. He’s also a Product leadership consultant and the co-host of Mind the Product’s podcast, The Product Experience. Randy has been working as an interactive producer & product manager across the US & UK for nearly 20 years. (Yikes!)

Here be Dragons: Product, Discovery & How Not to Mess Up

How many times have you wondered if your company has prioritised the work that will actually solve your customer’s problems? Not the ones they tell you about – that’s easy. It’s the problems that they don’t talk about that will trip you up every time.

As product organisations, we’ve developed any number of frameworks, techniques and processes to get at this elusive knowledge, and then to proritise it correctly. Sometimes they even work.

In firm after firm, Randy has seen the same problems crop up – then he discovered a new technique that generates genuine insight in as little as two weeks. Instead of wondering if you’re committing your teams to solving the right problems, the Insider Insight methodology ensures that you’re asking the right question.

You’ll walk away from this talk with an understanding of why the discovery process is broken – but also how you can employ a new approach to fix it that will complement your existing practices.