Michael Ross

Chief Scientist & Co-Founder, DynamicAction

Michael is an internet pioneer who persuaded Jeff Bezos and Anna Kournikova to play tennis in New York’s Grand Central Station. He’s an acknowledged expert on the commercial application of big data and artificial intelligence.

Michael founded an architectural cartography business on graduating from Trinity College, Cambridge where he read mathematics before joining McKinsey, a management consultant. He left to co-found figleaves.com, the pioneering online lingerie company. Since 2007, he‘s been Co-founder and Chief Scientist of DynamicAction (and former parent company eCommera). He’s a Visiting Lecturer at London Business School, a NED at Sainsbury’s Bank, N Brown and The Turing Institute.

Lessons Learned Selling the Next Big Thing

Michael will share his experience building companies with emerging technologies at their heart – big data, analytics, machine learning and artificial intelligence – who are selling their products into the enterprise. As an entrepreneur and as an adviser to large companies, Michael has some unique insights into what works. One of the challenges any entrepreneurial business faces is that while potential customers often understand that they need to innovate or die, it can be very hard to to make it happen in the enterprise. There is an art to finding the Goldilocks Question – not too simple, not too hard – that enables an organisation to start making those changes.

You will learn: How to think about framing your product in a way that helps your customer to buy; how emerging technologies can be put to work to solve challenges companies are prepared to pay for.