Eli Montgomery

Head of User Experience, Cazoo

Eli helps companies understand what customers and prospects need and are willing to pay for, then helps those companies build viable businesses to meet those needs. So far so simple…

Eli’s approach to org design was informed by his time as a volunteer in the wake of hurricane Sandy in October 2012. In the midst of a catastrophic event, volunteers had to act fast to help people, save lives and transform chaos into effective response. A few activists were able to organize mutual aid, provide deep coverage of actual events and feed people long before established organisations. This happened by design and he’s obsessed about how to design effective organizations from the ground up ever since.

Having worked with companies like AT&T, Amazon and Pivotal on everything from network infrastructure to IoT and machine learning, Eli is now Head of User Experience at Cazoo. Cazoo, founded by serial entrepreneur Alex Chesterman, (LoveFilm, Zoopla), aims to change the way we buy used cars.

Dangerous Questions and Hard Discussions: A Guide for Thriving in the Unknown

What if we’re wrong? How might this hurt someone? Are we stuck in a build trap? Questions can feel dangerous at work, especially in cultures where we’re expected to have answers. Eli Montgomery will unpack the discipline of ‘Continuous Inquiry,’ a way of using questions to unlock new perspectives and challenge existing assumptions. Help your team grow and learn by asking better questions, having harder discussions, and putting focus on the finding the next most important question. The unknown can be scary, and that’s a good thing.

You will learn how to invite your team to take comfort in facing the unknown, and learning through questions over answers.

[This is so BoS. We think that speakers who promise to offer you the guaranteed playbook for X success are super dodgy, at best. Every person and every business has their own unique context. The best we can hope to help someone do is help define the right questions to ask].