Carl Ryden

CEO/Founder, PrecisionLender

Beginning in 2009 with a blinking cursor and a blank screen, Carl developed PrecisionLender’s loan pricing system. He still codes but also provides strategic consulting to PrecisionLender clients and thinks a lot about artificial intelligence in banking.

His breadth of experience and passion for technology, finance, strategy, and software development give him a unique perspective on risk-based pricing. He has an MBA from MIT Sloan, Master’s in Computer Engineering from MIT and a BS in EE from NC State University.

All his degrees didn’t teach him the single most important thing in the software business – it’s all about the people.

Iron Man Suits Beat Robots – Product Strategy, AI and Banking

Carl founded his second business in 2009 with one goal: to let computers do what computers do best, so humans are free to do what they do best. This approach eventually led to Andi®, the AI platform developed by PrecisionLender, which is used within the PrecisionLender application to offer commercial bankers actionable insights at the exact moment they need it.

When PrecisionLender developed Andi, they thought about Intelligence Augmentation, rather than AI. They focused on UX, customer jobs-to- be-done, and the incredible power of personification to build their most successful product. Carl will share how he came to realise as he grew PrecisionLender that a relentless focus on people, employees, and customers was the key to profitable growth. And he’s watched as the company itself has grown to over 100 people with staff turnover of just 3%.