Alex Yang

VP of Engineering, Simprints

After completing his artium baccalaureus in Applied Mathematics in Economics at Harvard, Alex’s career took an alarming turn when he started as a consultant at BCG.

Since then however, he has been working in education and code, supporting Codecademy to introduce programming into UK’s national programming curriculum, conducting data analysis at Google, and launching his own business, BaseRails, where he developed project-based online classes to teach over 20,000 entrepreneurs to code. He moved from New York to Cambridge in November 2018 to lead the engineering team at Simprints.

Finding and Nurturing Tech Talent

Every growing company is engaged in an ongoing battle for ‘talent’. There aren’t enough great developers to go around and they have plenty of choices when it comes to employment, commanding high salaries, share options, and all the perks. In this talk, Elpie and Alex will share some of their experience in finding, hiring, nurturing, and developing technical talent in a fast-growing not-for-profit company (hint: it isn’t all about the salary).

You will learn how maximizing culture, impact, and opportunities for personal development enable Simprints to hire effectively and stand out from the crowd. Those lessons are applicable to all businesses.