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11th-12th April 2019 // Churchill College, Cambridge University

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Talk Topics

Business of Software Conference Europe is a single-track conference to help you build great software and turn it into a profitable business. In the words of Joel Spolsky, “every speaker would be a headline keynote at most other conferences”. Talks are in depth, tightly curated for content and delivery, there are zero sales pitches, panels or sponsor pitches. Every session offers ideas and specific things you can use to build better software or improve your business.

Our 2019 Conference will be focused on how to achieve scale in your business. We’ll be looking at how to scale through product-driven growth, how to scale your teams, how to scale your sales operation, how to scale trust, as well as hearing from entrepreneurs who have succesfully scaled their businesses. As always, at BoS Conference you’ll learn how to make product, culture, innovation, strategy, marketing and sales drive sustainable, profitable, growth.

1 - Mat Clayton

Bootstrapping To 15 Million Users – Mat Clayton

Mat Clayton bootstrapped Mixcloud for 10 years with a team of 5 people to build an audio streaming business with 15 million monthly active users. 10 years in, he took $11.5 million funding from a little-known investor. Mat will share some of the things that helped him build such an effective bootstrapped operation, and how Mixcloud knew it was the right time to find an investor.

You’ll learn: how to get the most from your small teams, how to use data to inform product development decisions, what to consider when seeking investment.


Claire Lew

The Accidental Bad Manager – Claire Lew

Claire Lew is the CEO of Know Your Team, a software tool that helps thousands of managers across 25 countries to be better leaders. Claire knows better than most that though no one sets out to be a bad boss, it’s easy to become one. After years of research from 15,000+ people and 25 countries, she’ll share the biggest, most counterintuitive mistakes that leaders unintentionally make – and what to do about them.

Claire will also explain how data and customer feedback got from her original product helped her to identify a much bigger market where her tools could have a greater impact than the one she started to serve.


You’ll learn: how to avoid the mistakes that bad managers accidentally make, and what makes a good manager.


8 - Amir Salihefendić

Building Effective Teams In Remote Companies – Amir Salihefendić

Amir Salihefendic has been running Doist for over 10 years and employs over 60 people in 25 countries. Originally forced to hire remote employees as he struggling to find the right talent in his then-home Peru, Amir is a very vocal advocate of the benefits of remote work. He’ll be speaking about his experience of building an effective team across countries and time zones and share some tips he’s learned.

You’ll learn: the core disciplines for building strong teams that are effective for both remote and non-remote teams, and why remote is the future of work.


3 - Derek Sivers

Software Is Changing The World: For Good? – Derek Sivers

Derek Sivers became an entrepreneur by accident when he founded CD Baby in 1997. Over 11 years he grew the company to 85 employees until he surprised himself and sold the company in 2008. Now in 2019, Software has changed and is changing the world at a remarkable rate – for both good, and arguably for bad. Derek will offer some perspectives on what we can do as the software industry to make the world a better place.

You’ll learn: how to steward your software well and end up on the right side of history.


4 - Simprints

Finding & Nurturing Tech Talent – Elpie Bannister & Alex Yang

Every growing company is engaged in an ongoing battle for ‘talent’ – Cambridge-based Simprints are no different. Director of Talent Elpie Bannister and VP of Engineering Alex Yang will be sharing their experience of finding, hiring, nurturing, and developing technical talent in a highly competitive space – and how as a not-for-profit company, they’ve learned that it’s not all about the salary.

You’ll learn: how maximizing culture, impact, and opportunities for personal development can help you to hire effectively and stand out from the crowd.


5 - Paul Kenny

Building & On-Boarding Effective Sales Teams – Paul Kenny

Paul Kenny is a sales and leadership coach who has spent the last 25 years helping tech businesses to develop their sales operation at scale. He brings a wealth of knowledge having worked with large software companies including BoS regulars Redgate & StackExchange. In this talk, Paul will share lessons he’s learned to help you recruit, develop, and manage your sales team as you grow.

You’ll learn: how to get new hires up to speed effectively, dozens of initiatives you can implement immediately that will help your sales team reach their full potential.


6 - Sarah McVittie

Making Culture & Data Work For You – Sarah McVittie

Sarah McVittie founded Dressipi as a B2C business, but discovered that the data they collected on customers had a much higher value to retailers. Pivoting to a B2B play helped them focus their value proposition – to make the clothing industry more efficient and save money for retailers.

You’ll learn: how to stimulate creative, data-driven approaches to problem solving, how to harness culture to grow your business.


Randy Silver

Here Be Dragons: Product, Discover & How Not To Mess Up – Randy Silver

Randy Silver is a recovering music journalist & editor with over 20 years experience as a product manager & interactive producer. In firm after firm, Randy has seen the same problems crop up – prioritising the wrong things and not understanding your customers’ real problems. Then he discovered a new technique that generates genuine insight in as little as two weeks. Instead of wondering if you’re committing your teams to solve the right problems, the Insider Insight methodology ensures that you’re asking the right question.

You’ll learn: why the discovery process is broken – but also how you can employ a new approach to fix it that will complement your existing practices.


7 - Gareth Marlow

Why You Should Care About Cultivating Trust – Gareth Marlow

Do you trust your team? Do your team trust you? You only have to work with one person who you don’t trust to know the importance of trust in the workplace. Teams that don’t trust each other don’t work well together. Morale, productivity, staff turnover, and outputs all suffer. Executive Coach Gareth Marlow will help you appreciate how trust issues may be limiting your companies growth and the role you might be playing in destroying trust.

You’ll learn: practical tips for building a culture of trust across your team, peers, investors, and company.


Francesco D'Alessio

Avoiding The Perennial Problems With Productivity Tools – Francesco D’Alessio

Francesco D’Alessio is a freelancer, creator, and host of Keep Productive, a weekly YouTube channel and blog where he helps assist people in finding the perfect productivity software for work and life. Luckily, there are an almost limitless number of tools that offer a solution that will help you reclaim control of your life. Unluckily, people often become less productive as they adopt new apps and tools that don’t fit with their individual work styles, work flows and habits. Few people know their way around the productivity software market like Francesco, and at BoS he’ll be helping you think about how to pick software to improve your productivity.

You’ll learn: a simple process for how to filter down your options and save time, effort and money by matching the software you use to your needs and goals.

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Schedule Outline

Business of Software Conference Europe 2019 will take place at Churchill College, Cambridge, UK. The full schedule will appear once all the speakers have been announced. Until then, you can see the outline of the Conference Schedule here:

Wednesday 10th April – Pre-Conference Drinks & Early Reg

7pm – Pre-Conference Drinks & Early Reg, Churchill College Buttery Bar

Thursday 11th April – Conference Day 1

8am – Breakfast & Registration, Churchill College Buttery Bar
9am – Conference Day 1, The Wolfson Hall @ Churchill College
6:30pm – Dinner, Churchill College Dining Hall

Friday 12th April – Conference Day 2

8:30am – Breakfast & Registration, Churchill College Buttery Bar
9am – Conference Day 2, The Wolfson Hall @ Churchill College
5:30pm – Post-Conference Drinks, Churchill College Buttery Bar



BoS Europe Hotel

We’ll all be staying onsite at Churchill College for the conference. There are rooms available for our attendees in The Moller Centre and in the Churchill College accommodation blocks, both of which are on the Churchill College Campus. Rooms are limited in number and filling up fast – book early to ensure you can stay on site.

Churchill College – You can book a room through the College Website here. We recommend you book Cowan Court if available – we think the rooms are nicer!

The Moller Centre – To book a room at our discounted rate you will need to email or Phone (+44 1223 465595) and quote the reference KX38586 Business of Software. You can view the rooms here, but please note you will not be able to book online until 4 weeks before the event.

If you have any problems booking please contact our Event Manager Jo Littlewood.

If you would like to stay in a hotel instead, the closest hotels are Arundel House Hotel and The Varsity.

Book Accommodation at Churchill College


Venue – Churchill College

The whole conference will take place at Churchill College. All meals and drinks will be held onsite, and are included in the price of your ticket.

Churchill College, University of Cambridge
Storey’s Way, Cambridge

Churchill College is one of Cambridge University’s newest colleges. Situated on the North West side of Cambridge, the College is set in beautiful grounds and has a fascinating history, housing the Winston Churchill Archives. As well as its onsite cafe and bar it is staffed, as is traditional in Cambridge, by College Porters – friendly people in bowler hats who help with anything from booking a cab to organising a punting trip.



There is free onsite parking at the College in the Visitor Car Park on a first come, first served basis.

Public Transport
Otherwise, the college is easily accessible by public transport – it’s a 20-minute taxi ride from Cambridge Train Station. We recommend using Panther Taxis – +44 1223 715715.

Nearest Airport
The nearest airport is London Stansted, which is a short 30-minute train journey from Cambridge. Trains are regular – you can check times here. Alternatively, it’s a 40 minute Taxi journey – we recommend using Panther Taxis – +44 1223 715715.

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