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BoS Masterclasses

Masterclasses run by world-leading experts designed to help you tackle your business problems.

Business of Software Masterclasses are deep dives into specific topics led by trusted experts. Capped at 30 attendees to maximise the value of outcomes for participants, BoS Masterclasses are an exclusive opportunity to learn from practitioners at the very top of their field. Masterclass Leaders will take you through a curriculum of their own based on their knowledge and research, passing their hard-fought learnings on to you.

Get hands-on with the subject in a way you can’t during a conference talk. Get advice on your issues from the expert in a way you can’t during a Q&A. Get practical and leave with a plan to solve your problem.

Learn from an expert. Become an expert.

Upcoming BoS Masterclasses

Bruce McCarthy

The Product Roadmapping Masterclass – Led by Bruce McCarthy

26th March, 9am-5pm // Churchill College Cambridge

Roadmaps get the blame for overpromising and either delivering late or delivering underwhelming results (or both). This artifact is often misunderstood, yet incredibly powerful if done right. A compelling one focuses on outcomes rather than features and dates.

In this hands-on BoS Masterclass, legendary product leader Bruce McCarthy will walk you through his process for establishing your product’s vision, prioritizing with business objectives, validating themes, gaining buy-in across stakeholders, and maximizing your team’s impact.

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