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Business model planning – a masterclass

Planning a business is always a tricky balance, you don’t want to re-invent the wheel every time, but what if you need a business model that is more than just a me-too company? And how much time should you spend on planning vs operating? Here is Alex Osterwalder, creator of Business Model Canvas, explaining his solution at Business of Software 2010. He walks the BoS audience through some practical approaches to generating business models that work and can be flexed as the business flexes.

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5 reasons to register now for Business of Software

spring chicken

Here in Cambridge, spring has sprung, although my daughter doesn’t look totally convinced.

The end of April is the deadline to sign up for BoS UK at the early bird rate ( a savings of £400 on the full price ticket). We’ve had a lot of enquiries about BoS UK so here’s a handy summary of why it’s worth booking your spot now, if you are responsible for growing a software business:

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Preparing your Lightning Talk – the Alumni speak

Lightning Talk alumni have been generous with their advice and support for anyone considering entering the process this year. Here’s some of the points that were frequently raised:

Treat your submission video seriously. ‘I filmed about a dozen takes of me trying to say it.  The submission itself is work and you should set aside a few hours to do it.’ Tim Cull.

Practice, practice, practice – should go without saying, really. ‘Practice helps, but that’s table stakes. Everyone expects you to have practiced.’ Des Traynor.

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How to be a Lightning Talk speaker at BoS Europe

The Lightning Talk Competition is coming to BoS Europe 2015! We’re delighted to be running this in the Europe because it has always been one of the highlights of the US Business of Software Conference programme.

The Lightning Talk Competition entrants receive a free pass to the Business of Software Conference they are speaking at, the chance to share an idea they care about with a live audience of 200 (as well as the viewers of the Business of Software videos which reach a very large audience worldwide), and the respect of their peers. (Don’t underestimate the last one).

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How to guarantee you will never speak at BoS

How to guarantee you will never speak at BoS

This post was originally written for BoS US, but we are using exactly the same process to select speakers for BoSUK, so it seemed relevant.

So many people have asked us how we select speakers, or how they propose speakers for Business of Software Conference that we thought we would offer some thoughts that are relevant, not just to Business of Software specifically, but to any approach or submission to a conference. We have seen some terrible proposals and some brilliant ones. What are the common characteristics? We get several hundred proposals a year. How can you stand out?

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