BoS Europe in numbers:

2020 will be the 7th BoS Europe.

Capacity is capped at 250 to offer attendees the best possible experience – intimate, friendly, effective networking – with like-minded people.


Why, What, and Who: Business of Software Conference Europe

Why does Business of Software Conference exist?

Business of Software Conference was set up when Neil Davidson (Co-Founder, Redgate Software) realised that the conferences he was invited to attend seemed to focus either on (a) how to be a startup and (b) how to fund/sell his software business.

He wanted to learn about how the best software companies grow and he set up the Conference to share ideas with others. The Business of Software community is made up of companies around the world who want to build software people love and companies people love working for.

Somewhere between a land where teenagers on skateboards selling their companies to Google in yet another Silicon Valley Acquihire and a land where everyone works for Microsoft lies the Business of Software community. Business of Software Conference is a bit like a ‘spa for geeks’. A chance to spend time thinking about working ON, not, IN, your business.

Expect to learn things, meet great people and have fun in the process.


What is Business of Software Conference Europe?

BoS Europe is a two-day event for software leaders, entrepreneurs and decision makers.

BoS targets those in the ‘scale up’ stage of their business – companies ready to take the leap into growth. The conference has an intimate atmosphere where guests are encouraged to come to learn from one another and help each other through their challenges, not shout or boast about personal achievements.

Despite being a software conference, the focus of the topics is neither code nor finance. Guests will hear talks from industry leaders on anything from marketing to leadership, hiring to mental health and everything in between. The result? Guests leave with an idea of how to grow their business to the next level, and the contacts to make it happen.


Who is it for?

Founders, CEOs, CMOs, COOs, product managers, development managers – they all come and get something from BoS. If you are making decisions in a software business, regardless of how technical you are, BoS is for you: you won’t have to talk code to enjoy it (we certainly don’t!).

You might be venture-backed, you might be bootstrapped. You might be a sole trader just starting out, or a large and fast-growing organisation. Either way, if you feel you are still learning about what it takes to grow a great business, then BoS is for you.

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