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We didn’t expect 2020 to turn out quite like this.

We hope you keep going, are staying safe and following the advice of your governments.

Due to the current global situation, you may be finding yourself having to find new ways of working: managing remote teams, video conferencing, providing wellbeing support for those struggling with change. and juggling day-to-day workload with all these new factors to deal with. There are no silver bullets that will solve all your problems, but here at BoS we have featured some useful talks from great speakers that may help you cope through some trying times.

Read on for 5 videos that we hope help you

1 – Mental Health // Greg Baugues

Mental Health – What You Can Do

Stress, depression, anxiety, and a whole host of other mental health issues can be truly debilitating. During trying times you may feel overwhelmed with changes, you may feel scared, you may also be worried about friends and family.

In this short talk, Greg Baugues (Developer Community Manager, Twilio) updates the BoS Community on life following his 2013 talk, and shares some of the lessons he has learned that go beyond talk. This talk gives you some thoughts and observations that will help you to support coworkers and others who we suspect might be struggling with their mental health.


2 – Avoiding Burnout // Sherry Walling

How To Stay At The Top Of Your Game Without Burning Out Or Becoming Boring

It’s important to look after yourself – especially if a sudden change in workload is taking up a lot of time and energy. In this BoS Talk, Dr Sherry Walling (Founder, Zenfounder) – a licensed clinical psychologist with a PhD in Psychology – discusses how to avoid burnout, fight isolation, focus, manage the workload, control what you can, have clear goals, celebrate success, make meaning, and remind yourself of meaning.


3 – Running A Remote Team // Wade Foster

Building Operating Cadence With Remote Teams

Since starting Zapier in 2011, Wade Foster (co-founder, Zapier) and his co-founder, have run the company as fully-remote, and have no intention of changing that. In this 2018 BoSTalk, Wade shares his processes for running a fully remote organisation – how Zapier goes about hiring and onboarding their employees, how they run meetings, and how they work to continuously improve their culture.


 4 – Cultivating Team Trust // Gareth Marlow

Much of the talk around ‘trust’ in business is woolly, misunderstood and lacks clear and actionable frameworks for you to make things better. In the current environment trust is important in teams; employees need to trust the leaders are acting in their best interests; companies need to trust their management teams have the business’ best interests at heart; and leaders need to trust the teams can work remotely and maintain a positive culture towards work and towards each other as they navigate unchartered territory.

Drawing on personal experience and a lot of study, Gareth will help you to appreciate how trust issues may be limiting your company’s growth and the role you might be playing in destroying trust. He will share some concrete and clear steps you can take to build a culture of trust with your peers, your investors, your team and your company.


5 – Lessons Learned As A Remote CEO // Amir Salihefendic

Just 20 years ago, remote working at scale would have been impossible. Today, and this week in particular, more and more teams are discovering the benefits of working from home. In this BoS talk, Amir discusses why he believes remote-first could represent a massive paradigm shift with widespread implications for the future of work.

He also shares some of the core disciplines his company has adopted to make remote-working effective that is relevant to remote and more traditional centralised working environments.


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