Q&A with Rich Mironov | 20 February 2020 | Software Pricing Demystified

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Join us on Thursday 20th February for a live Q&A with Rich Mironov on Software Pricing

4PM (GMT) // 11AM (ET) // 8AM (PT)

Software is intangible: it doesn’t have weight or size or per-unit manufacturing costs.  But if we’re in the software business, we have to assign units and prices that reflect our value to customers.  And we should be mapping out software pricing strategy before we start development, not the day before product launch.

In his BoS Europe 2019 talk, Rich Mironov – a 40 year Silicon Valley veteran – covers some software pricing essentials
•    Computing (estimating) customer value
•    Pricing units, or what we count and how we scale
•    Segmentation, pricing/value tiers and how upsell works

This live Q&A will give you the chance to ask Rich directly some of the questions you have regarding software pricing and helping you to navigate through the darkness of packages and pricing structures.

Register for the Online Q&A      Join us live in Cambridge, UK

Q&A with Rich Mironov Software Pricing

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