What to expect at BoS Europe 2020: A first (and old) timer’s guide to Business of Software

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What to expect at BoS Europe: A first (and old) timer’s guide to Business of  Software

With just a few weeks until the Business of Software Conference Europe starts in Cambridge, UK, there are a few of the things that you should know. Whether this is your first time, or one of many BoS Conferences, there is plenty going on.

Here are a few notes about what you should expect. We want Business of Software conference to be the best conference you attend in the year, for content, for atmosphere, for attendee experience.

What you should expect…

Remember, we’re here to help you throughout the conference.

From the moment you arrive for pre-reg on Sunday night you can enjoy our welcome reception with drinks and canapes, we want you to feel at home and welcome (we’ve left the DJ and the loud music at home for a more relaxed evening!).

  • You are part of the BoS community now, Hi! Coloured lanyards identify first timers and veterans; folks that have been before will look out for new attendees and are always more than happy to talk and make you feel included.
  • A sit down breakfast is provided on both days of the conference in the College Dining Hall, maximising your chance to meet other attendees, the speakers, catch up and make new friends. This is included as standard for those staying in College accommodation, however, if you’re not staying in Churchill College, you can pick up a free breakfast token at the reg desk when you arrive to join your colleagues at breakfast.
  • A sit down lunch – also in the College Dining Hall – is also provided on both Monday and Tuesday, and some tables will be designated with table topics to spark a conversation (including non work related topics too). Don’t know anyone? Find something to talk about and join a conversation – or just join one of the ‘Quiet Space’ tables where you don’t have to speak to anyone. (These often end up with some of the most animated conversations).
  • Dinner and drinks on Monday evening (again, sans DJ) and all the best people will be there. Held in the College Dining Hall, you will be well fed, and you don’t need to worry about booking a restaurant. You can choose to mingle or grab a table and talk. All up to you.

Code of Conduct

Speaking of feeling welcome and included, we have a strictly enforced Code of Conduct.

We do not accept any form of harassment. If at any time, you are made to feel uncomfortable for whatever reason, contact any member of the team.

We run a relaxed Dress Code. It’s important to be comfortable throughout the conference so please be sure to wear whatever you feel is most suitable for wearing throughout the day. The same goes for meals- no formal attire is required.

A BoS Welcome

Swag Bag

We don’t want to pollute the planet any more than you do. Our swag bag is one that people have said they use all the time. A handy robust shopper that lasts a long time. With it you will receive a BoS t-shirt, a snazzy travel cup, a decent pen, a BoS notebook, plus a few items that we think you will enjoy. If there is anything you’d rather not take away with you, let us know as many attendees ask for extra items. We make sure that what is on offer will be kept and used.

Bring Something Local

We want to get to know you and help our other attendees get to know about you. Please feel free to bring something small that represents something special about your hometown/region and leave it with a note in Local Corner. It definitely shouldn’t be expensive. A candy bar or sweet, a local spice or herb? Something that will remind you of home.

Bring a book to share

There are a few quiet corners in the venue where we will put out some books for reading and quiet contemplation. If you have read a book lately that you enjoy and don’t want to throw away, bring it along and share it with someone else. It is a nice thing to do.

Hate Networking?

Tell me about it! Most of the time it is a terrible experience, even for extroverts. We want you to have a great experience. Come and speak to one of the team if you are feeling left out or uncomfortable in a room of people. We understand and most of us have been there. We will happily help you find someone to talk to – previous attendees are particularly good at this as they were here for the first time once.


The conference is held at Churchill College which has a fantastic number of rooms which we encourage you to make use of to minimise travel to and from the conference each day. Please book early as these are not held exclusively for us and the College does have other residents staying over the course of BoS Europe.
If you’d rather choose a local hotel you can find out more about what’s available in our handy low down of local accommodation options.

At the Conference


Just to remind you, the Conference Schedule is here.


We encourage everyone to use the conference Slack Channel to introduce themselves, make plans, share notes & ideas.


We’re @BoSConference on Twitter and the Conference hashtag is #BoS2020

Collaborative Notes

Notes are taken by any attendee that’s interested in contributing. These are shared freely with attendees and mean you don’t have to worry too much if you miss something. Someone else will have your back.

Room Temperature

Worth noting if you are used to sitting in warm and stuffy rooms, we keep the temperature in the auditorium on the low side, not freezing, but cool enough that the speakers are comfortable and attendees aren’t made to feel sleepy. If people are hot, they can’t take clothes off (it’s generally frowned upon in most places anyway). If you are feeling a little cool you can put on another layer so please bring layers if you think you might feel the cold.

Meet the Supporters 

During the networking breaks, don’t forget to come see, meet and talk to some of our wonderful supporters. This is no trade show but we do have some very smart people around who would be happy to talk to you about your challenges.


After all the talks are over and your head is full of new ideas and information, we’ll also ask you to complete a simple feedback form so we can know what you liked and what we can make better for your next BoS visit.

We look forward to welcoming you to Cambridge this year, and hope you find the conference as engaging and informative as it has been for others over the years. It always makes us smile when we get to the end of BoS events and read our attendees’ feedback saying what they have learnt and what they hope to learn in the future; and don’t just take our word for it – hear it for yourself in this overview from BoS Europe 2019

If you have any questions,  send us an email.

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