Slides, Highlights, & Notes from Business of Software Conference Europe 2019

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Business of Software Conference Europe 2019 – Some Highlights

The 6th Annual Business of Software Conference Europe took place in Cambridge a few weeks ago – April 11-12 2019. What an incredible few days. A huge thank you to all the speakers and attendees who made it one of the most memorable ever, for all the right reasons. The talks will be edited, published and transcribed in the next month or so but until then, here are the slides, sketch notes, blog posts and other highlights from some of the attendees.

Read on to see Slide Decks, Highlights, and Notes from BoS Europe

Slide Decks

Day 1

Day 2


Sketch Notes

During the sessions at #BoS2019, the incredibly talented Anne-Marie Miller of Carbon Orange drew Sketch Notes of each of the talks. It’s fair to say Anne-Marie completed quite the feat of endurance, drawing for over 12 hours over the course of 2 days. The notes were drawn on a whiteboard and the images were captured by Kaptivo‘s brilliant whiteboard collaboration tool.

You can see her amazing Sketch Notes below:

Collaborative Notes

As always at BoS Conferences, the attendees collaborated and made notes in a Google Doc. You can see those notes here.

Attendee Review Blogs


Business of Software Conference Europe 2019
Thanks to Gordon Lyster for taking these photos.

My All Time Favorite Material Possession.

Materialism is bad but sometimes… Oh yes. Without a shadow of a doubt.

Business of Software USA: 16-18 September 2019, Boston MA

Tickets for BoS USA 2019 are now on sale. Join us in Boston this September for another fantastic conference about leading a software business.

BoS USA 2019

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