The BoS Europe mascot Steve the Squirrel is a woman

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Lemmy the Lobster was our BoS USA mascot last year. For Europe this year, for reasons that will become at least partially clear at the conference, we chose a black squirrel.

We were going to call her Ada, after Ada Lovelace.

Then somewhat cheekily, when Dame Stephanie Shirley CH, agreed to speak, I asked her whether she would mind if we named it after her. ‘Stephanie the Squirrel’, or ‘Shirley the Squirrel’, had a nice ring and there is no doubt she has been an incredible pioneer and a huge inspiration and mould breaker in the software industry.

She insisted that we call it Steve.

Here’s why…

So Steve the Squirrel it is.

They met for the first time yesterday and hit it off.

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