If You Could Solve 1 Problem By Coming To Bos, What Would It Be?

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With BoS Conference Europe next week, we took a quick look at some of the things that people want to learn and the  problems they want to solve by coming to the event.

Using our trusty, ‘Steve the Squirrel‘, wordcloud, here are the most commonly used words when people answer the question,

“If You Could Solve 1 Problem By Coming To Bos, What Would It Be?”

Steve The Squirrel Word Cloud

It is a pretty good reflection of some of the questions people have. More details below, we’ve removed any ‘tbas’, N/A for clarity.

“If You Could Solve 1 Problem By Coming To Bos, What Would It Be?”

Scaling Sales
Better Roadmaps
Get Better At Understanding Customer Needs
Product Positioning
Prioritising Feature Creep
Get Better At Saas Marketing.
Launching Product
B2B Marketing Strategy
Be Better At Everything That Isn’t Software. Or Just One Of The Many Things That Aren’t Software.
Motivation And Inspiration
Stress Less
Scaling From 40 To 100 Million
Show Me New Problems And New Solutions
Learning From Others Experience Relating To Keeping Things As Simple As Possible As Organisations Grow
Building A Network Of People Building Businesses With Similar Values
Getting Better At Figuring Out The Problems Customers Will Pay Me To Solve
Accelerating Pace Of Software Releases
Clear Understanding Of Software Industry For My Personal Development
Change Management
Building Team Accountability/Ownership
How To Define Effective Metrics
How To Get Leadership Teams And Boards To Set Outcomes To Achieve And Problems To Solve Not Outputs And Solutions
Improve Product/Market Fit
More Time Dedicated To Learn About Software Development
Scaling The Company Past 100 People Without Going Insane :)
How To Encourage Users To Accept Change
Work Less Do More
Making Meerkats A Good Household Pet
Gain Clarity Over What Category We Are In/Creating
Finding Our New Chief Commercial Officer Through The Bos Network
Streamlining Processes
Breaking Out Of Consulting Into Product
Inspiration On Where To Take The Business Next
Scaling Remote Software Teams
Managing Growth Smoothly
Customer Retention
How To Manage The Development Of A V2 When Everyone Has Strong Opinions.
Over Reliance On Feature Building.
Increase MRR
Accelerate Growth Further
Accelerate Growth Beyond £20 Million
Understanding Product Management
Getting More Customers
Know The New Trends In Software Businesses From Business And Marketing Perspective
Finding A Disciplined, Repeatable Process That Connects Design, Product & Customer Development And Marketing
Scaling The Company
Optimize The Software Development Process
Decide Whether To Launch A New Product Within Existing Company Or To Create New Company
Share Challenges Of Exiting Business
Employment Opportunities For Code4000 Graduates
Graduate Pipeline Job Opportunities
Business Growth Though The Transformation In People & Culture
Better Understanding The Support Founders Need To Scale
Understand How Small Software Companies Are Approaching Product Led Growth
Get Inspired
I Need More Friends :)
Only One? :)
Worry Less, Be Happier
Team Communication
Knowing How To Answer Random Form Questions
More Sales
Increase Sales
How To Structure Partnerships
Better Processes Leading More Consistent Execution
Deciding What My Next Gig Will Be
More European Software Companies Scaling To $100m+ ARR
Product Market Fit
Find A Wider Peer Group
Make Great Connections
How To Get A Not-For-Profit Off The Ground With Very Little Resource
Scaling In Relation To Systems And Processes And Culture
Having Leaders Be More Willing + Open To Seeing The Unintentional Problems They Create
Meeting Customers And Understanding The Sector More
Improve My Life!
Scaling Saas Fast In A Nascent Market
Getting The Latest Trends In Saas
Setting Company Culture
To Learn And Translate Into Valuable Visuals
How To Price Our Products
Software Pricing
Launching The Next Break Out Product
Launching And Scaling A Software Company
Have Folks Think Concretely About Customer Value Before They Start Developing Software
Getting Retailers To Understand How To Run Good AB Tests
I’d Love Some Insight On Saas Marketing…
Connect With And Learn From People Who’s Had Exited Successful Saas Companies
Hiring Better
Accelerate Market Research
Should I Sell Or Should I Grow?
Learn To Grow A Kickass Product And Engineering Team!
Decide Which Direction To Take My Business In
Understanding More About Scaling A Software Business
Letting It Go
Saas Pricing Vs Enterprise Pricing
Meeting Startups With Traction That Are Ready For Investment
Learning How To Do ‘Customer Success’ Better
Investing In Disruptive Tech
Better Software Testing
Finding Our Next Break Out Product
Learning How To Scale Software Business
Hiring Faster
Work Out How To Identify What To Develop Next
Better Managing Customer Saas Implementations
How To Strengthen Our Approach To Effective Product Development; Touching On Improving How We Could Use Data Better, Deepening Our Culture Etc.
Build A Network Of People To Help Me Solve The Next Problem After That
The Need For A Higher Organisational Purpose
Measuring The Impact Of Design/UX
How To Measure The Value Of Innovation
Accelerating Product Market Fit
Company Communication
Getting Out Of A Rut. Company Is Going Great. I’m Bored.
How To Get Users To Talk To Us
Hiring A Team That Scales With The Business
Executing A Pivot
Building The Right Team For The Job
Improve How Software Businesses Sell Online
Helping Businesses Find The Best Software Licensing Models
Helping Other Companies To Increase Revenue
Increase Software Sales
Get To Profitability ASAP

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