Return of the Speakers // BoS Europe 2019

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Business of Software Conference Europe 2019 is under 2 weeks away.

As always, the #BoS2019 schedule is designed to help Software Founders, CEOs, and Product Managers lead with confidence and grow a better business. Over 13 years of Conferences we’ve seen over 200 talks given by some brilliant speakers. This year at BoS Europe there are 4 returning speakers.

Read on to find out who is returning and to watch their previous knockout talks.

1 // Derek Sivers

Derek Sivers

Derek Sivers has been a musician, circus performer, entrepreneur, TED speaker, and book publisher. Long ago he started CD Baby, and wrote a great little book about it called “Anything You Want”. Derek is now a writer, with 3 books due out this year – ‘Your Music and People’, ‘Hell Yeah or No’, and ‘How To Live’. Derek has spoken twice at BoS before, about “Why I Sold My Business And Gave The Money Away“, and “The Philosophy Of Customer Service“. This year he returns to BoS Europe to speak about how to stay on the right side of history while building software.

Watch “The Philosophy Of Customer Service”


2 // Claire Lew

Claire Lew

Claire Lew’s mission in life is to help people become happier at work. Her company, Know Your Team, has helped over 15,000 people in 25 countries at companies like Airbnb and Kickstarter. Know Your Team also runs an online leadership community, The Watercooler, with 1,000+ leaders and thousands of conversations on hiring, firing, business growth and more. Claire gave a great talk at BoS USA 2015 about building a more honest, open, and productive work culture. She makes her BoS Europe debut this April to speak about how to avoid accidentally being a bad manager.

Watch “Don’t Be The Last To Know”


3 // Rich Mironov

Rich Mironov

Rich Mironov is a 35-year veteran of Silicon Valley tech companies. He coaches product executives, parachutes into companies as the interim Head of Product, and was the ‘product guy’ or CEO at six start-ups. You may well have read his excellent book, “The Art of Product Management”. Rich has spoken twice before at BoS Conferences, speaking about “The Four Laws of Software Economics” and “Answering Your Audience’s Roadmap Questions”. This April he’ll be speaking about “Software Pricing Demystified”.

Watch “The Four Laws of Software Economics”


4 // Paul Kenny

Paul Kenny

Paul Kenny has been a regular attendee at Business of Software Conference since it started in 2007 and has spoken several times before. For good reason. Paul is a great sales coach, and his talks are always filled with practical advice on how to increase sales of your software. His previous talks include “Turning Software Into Money“, “Difficult Conversations for Growing Companies“, “Hardwiring Sales Into Your Organisation“. Paul comes back to BoS this April to speak about “Building & On-Boarding Effective Sales Teams”.

Watch “Turning Software Into Money”


Derek, Claire, Rich, and Paul will be joined by more amazing speakers at BoS Europe 2019, including Poppy Gustafsson, Dame Stephanie Shirley CH, John Snyder, and Sarah McVittie. Learn more about these speakers and the other sessions at #BoS2019 by clicking here. If you’re sold and want to register, click below!

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