Hangout with Jared Spool | Thursday 14th February

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Join us on Thursday 14th February for a live online Q&A with Jared Spool, Founder of UIE & Centre Center

Page Views. Time on page. Number of ‘E’s on homepage. NPS. $$$ Lost by not having a guest checkout.

All these things can be measured. But should they be metrics? And if we do track them, do we really know what we’re measuring? What’s the difference between 6/11 and 7/11?

If you let your software development process be ruled by the wrong UX metrics, you can easily take your business down a path you regret. Jared Spool gave a brilliant talk on this subject on BoS USA 2018, and will be joining us for a Q&A session on Thursday 14th February.

The Q&A will also be shown live in The Bradfield Centre in Cambridge UK, preceded by a screening of Jared’s talk from BoS USA 2018.

Scroll down to join us Online or at The Bradfield Centre in Cambridge, UK.

Jared Spool

We’ll be showing a screening of Jared’s talk at our office at The Bradfield Centre in Cambridge before Jared joins us over Zoom for the Q&A – come and join us for some networking and the chance to pitch Jared your own question.

Join Online                                                Join in Cambridge UK

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