Announcing 4 More Speakers For BoS Europe 2019

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11-12 April 2019, Churchill College, Cambridge UK

Business of Software Conference Europe 2019 is less than 3 months away!

As we enter the new year, we’ve got April’s conference in Cambridge, UK in our sights. The Schedule is shaping up wonderfully, with some fantastic new speakers to announce both now and next week. Read on below to find out more about speakers from Mixcloud, Dressipi, Know Your Team, and

Ticket prices for both BoS Europe & BoS USA rise on 1st February – so make sure you save your place before the end of the month to get the Early Bird rate!

Find out more about the speakers below

1 - Mat Clayton

Bootstrapping To 15 Million Users – Mat Clayton

Mat Clayton bootstrapped Mixcloud for 10 years with a team of 5 people to build an audio streaming business with 15 million monthly active users. 10 years in, he took $11.5 million funding from a little-known investor. Mat will share some of the things that helped him build such an effective bootstrapped operation, and how Mixcloud knew it was the right time to find an investor.

You’ll learn: how to get the most from your small teams, how to use data to inform product development decisions, what to consider when seeking investment.

2 - Claire Lew

The Feedback Loop: How To Create A Culture Of Feedback – Claire Lew

Claire Lew is the CEO of Know Your Team, a software tool that helps thousands of managers across 25 countries to be better leaders. Over years of research across hundreds of companies, Claire has learned how the most effective managers create a culture of feedback within their teams – and she’ll share how she used customer feedback to identify a larger market for her product to serve.

You’ll learn: how to give, receiving, ask for, and act on feedback effectively, and create a culture of feedback in your team.

6 - Sarah McVittie

Making Culture & Data Work For You – Sarah McVittie

Sarah McVittie founded Dressipi as a B2C business, but discovered that the data they collected on customers had a much higher value to retailers. Pivoting to a B2B play helped them focus their value proposition – to make the clothing industry more efficient and save money for retailers.

You’ll learn: how to stimulate creative, data-driven approaches to problem solving, how to harness culture to grow your business.

7 - Gareth Marlow

Why You Should Care About Cultivating Trust – Gareth Marlow

Do you trust your team? Do your team trust you? You only have to work with one person who you don’t trust to know the importance of trust in the workplace. Teams that don’t trust each other don’t work well together. Morale, productivity, staff turnover, and outputs all suffer. Executive Coach Gareth Marlow will help you appreciate how trust issues may be limiting your companies growth and the role you might be playing in destroying trust.

You’ll learn: practical tips for building a culture of trust across your team, peers, investors, and company.


Mat, Claire, Sarah, and Gareth join a speaker lineup at BoS Europe that includes Derek Sivers, Elpie Bannister, Paul Kenny, and Alex Yang. Register below to join us at Churchill College, Cambridge on 11-12 April.

Save your place at BoS Europe before 1st February to get Early Bird tickets.

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