Sense & Respond | Hangout with Josh Seiden

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Josh Seiden is the co-author of Lean UX and Sense & Respond.

Last Tuesday we sat down to discuss ‘Sense & Respond’, and how it can help product teams to produce better results. We had some great questions to discuss including: How Sense & Respond can be used in small companies (and why it’s different to Lean); How to hold employees accountable for performance when outcomes are less well defined; How to communicate LeanUX benefits to client/product stakeholders; and many more.

Josh is now running Sense & Respond Press – they publish short, practical business books. One of their authors will be speaking at BoS Conference Europe next month. Check them out – great stuff.

Video below

Our next hangout is with Professor Rita Gunther McGrath and Robots & Pencils CEO Michael Sikorsky at 12.00 EDT on Monday 9th April. We’ll be talking about Innovation – how do you catch the next wave, and ensure you get there ahead of your competition?

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