What do people say about Business of Software Conference? Why is it different?

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Our last Conference had a Net Promoter Score (NPS), of 86. Numbers are meaningless though. What do attendees say…?

Read what just some of our attendees say, or have a look at the Conference Attendees Manifesto – Say NO to the usual yada yada.

“Simply the best Software Conference!” Tobi Lutke, CEO, Shopify

“Amazing. Exceptional. Best conference ever assembled. Attendees as awesome as speakers. Non-stop learning learning and networking”Product Manager, Redgate Software

“BoS is the only place where I feel – professionally – amongst my peers” Scott Farquhar, co-CEO, Atlassian

“BoS is a software, technology, & business focussed TED… A conference where every speaker would keynote at other events.” Joel Spolsky, CEO, Stack Exchange

“My favorite conference”Dharmesh Shah, CTO, Hubspot

“BoS is all about connecting people with great ideas and building the network. You never leave without having made serious, valuable connections.” Dave Collins, CEO, Software Promotions

“Simply the best conference to attend if you’re serious about running a successful software company” Ed Chuang, VP Marketing, Avangate

“Yes I’m coming to Dublin – registered! BoS has literally changed my life.” <3 Precious Lunga #bos2016 ow.ly/i/iiPFs

“The most inspirational days of our year” Lawdan Shojaee, CEO, Axosoft

“Come and be amazed and engaged by leaders and inspirational speakers from the business of software”Community Manager

“Meeting awesome people, doers.” Jamie Seefurth, Product Manager, Moz

“Your events are a class above the rest – they consistently connect great (and often unexpected – people and ideas in an engaging, fun way” Carl Ryden, CEO, Precision Lender

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