BoS Conference Europe 2020 – an online-only event due to Covid-19.

  • BoS Europe will not be happening as a physical event in Cambridge on 23-24 March.
  • We will be hosting the talks as online sessions for ticket holders on 23-24 March.
  • Please do not travel to Cambridge for the conference.

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April Dunford

Founder, Ambient Strategy

April is an expert marketing practitioner turned executive consultant and author who helps technology companies make complicated products easy for customers to understand and love. She is a globally recognized expert in Positioning and Market strategy.

Eli Montgomery

Head of User Experience, Cazoo

Eli helps companies understand what customers and prospects need and are willing to pay for, then helps those companies build viable businesses to meet those needs. So far so simple…

Sally Foote

VP of eCommerce, GoCompare

Now VP Ecommerce at GoCompare, Sally has been part of the team behind some high-profile digital product launches at the Guardian, the award winning Times and Sunday Times paywall, BT Sport and Photobox.

Vince Darley

VP Growth & Consumer Product, Deliveroo, Deliveroo

Vince is VP Growth and Consumer Product at Deliveroo, a company focused on delivering your favourite meals to your door, with a beautiful food ordering app and website, fantastic operations, logistics and top-notch marketing.

Kieran O’Neill

CEO & Co-Founder, Thread

Thread, the fourth company Kieran founded, was created in 2012 and is now used by over 1,000,000 men in the UK. It launched in the US in 2019.

Tom Adeyoola

CEO & Founder, Metail

Tom was the CEO/Founder of Metail, the garment fit visualisation company until it was sold in 2019. He’s planning his next startup and working with a number of organisations who aim to generate postive society and climate impact through technology.


What is Business of Software Conference Europe 2020?

BoS Europe is a two-day event for software leaders, entrepreneurs and decision makers.

BoS targets those in the ‘scale up’ stage of their business – companies ready to take the leap into growth. The conference has an intimate atmosphere where guests are encouraged to come to learn from one another and help each other through their challenges, not shout or boast about personal achievements.

Despite being a software conference, the focus of the topics is neither code nor finance. You’ll hear talks from industry leaders on anything from marketing to leadership, hiring to mental health and everything in between. The result? You’ll leave with an idea of how to grow your business to the next level, and the contacts to make it happen.

BoS is a chance to spend time thinking about working ON, not, IN, your business. Expect to learn things, meet great people and have fun in the process.

Who is it for?

Founders, CEOs, CMOs, COOs, product managers, development managers – they all come and get something from BoS. If you are making decisions in a software business, regardless of how technical you are, BoS is for you: you won’t have to talk code to enjoy it (we certainly don’t!).

You might be venture-backed, you might be bootstrapped. You might be a sole trader just starting out, or a large and fast-growing organisation. Either way, if you feel you are still learning about what it takes to grow a great business, then BoS is for you.

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'Simply the best software conference'

Tobias Lutke, CEO, Shopify

'My favourite conference'

Dharmesh Shah, CTO, Hubspot

BoS is the only place where I feel – professionally – amongst my peers

Scott Farquhar, Co-CEO, Atlassian