Vince Darley

VP Growth, Deliveroo

Vince Darley is the VP Growth at Deliveroo, a tech company focused on delivering your favourite restaurant meals to your door, through a combination of great software, fantastic operations and logistics, and topnotch marketing.

With more than 20 years’ experience in data science, Vince was most recently Chief Scientist at where he built a team of over 150 data scientists. Previously, he was Head of Analytics and Optimisation, Supply Chain and Trading Systems for Ocado, where he was responsible for analytics, modeling, analysis, forecasting and optimisation and focused heavily on building the online retailer’s web analytics capabilities to improve website conversion. Vince was also Founder and CEO of Eurobios, a company which focused on applying complex science concepts, tools and techniques to business issues. At Eurobios, Vince’s clients included BP, Unilever, Ocado, Post Danmark and Deutsche Post.

Vince holds a Master of Arts and PhD in Complex Systems from Harvard University and a Bachelor of Arts in Mathematics from the University of Cambridge. He is also a published author, having co-authored ‘A NASDAQ market Simulation: Insights on a Major Market from the Science of Complex Adaptive Systems.’

Making Complexity Simple(r)

Vince will draw on his significant experience as a data junkie to argue that we need to switch the obsession for seeking the coolest, newest predictive/learning models for an obsession with finding (usually simple) things that improve your business. There is, of course, a time and a place for fantastic, sophisticated models, but better not to start there. Vince will share some of the simplest ideas that you can use in your business to make better informed decisions.