Tim Dobson

Founder, Migration Dragon

Tim @tdobson¬†of Migration Dragon could talk to you about trekking to unclimbed mountains in Central Asia. He could help you imagine what it’s like to stand in a general election or pitch to YCombinator.

He could tell you how to move migrate your websites or sell more widgets. But that’s not what you came to listen to. After spending many years of his life living in legacy accommodation, in 2015, Tim, took a month off work, converted a van and moved into it. He hasn’t looked back since (no rearview mirror).

Living in a van means Lean as a lifestyle

Two years ago, Tim decided there wasn’t enough problem-solving in his life, so he thought he’d redesign his home from scratch. In a van. Through stories, Tim will share the techniques he used to work out what to build, how to build it and the mistakes he made along the way.