Giacomo ‘Peldi’ Guilizzoni

CEO, Founder, Balsamiq

Giacomo Guilizzoni is universally known as Peldi, because it’s easier for everybody.

He lives in Bologna, Italy. He worked as a programmer at Macromedia and then Adobe in San Francisco from 2002 to 2008 then moved back to Italy to start Balsamiq because it was cheaper to start it from Italy than to live in San Francisco. Balsamiq is bootstrapped and funded by customers. The original idea for Balsamiq was to start a one-man company and stay a one-man company but the product was too successful for that. The market told him he needed to grow… Reluctantly, he’s been growing and growing the company ever since – but he still loves it. You can read more about his story here.

Everything Changes at 25

Balsamiq founder Peldi had a dream that he would create a business that ran itself from his back bedroom forever. It soon became clear that life was complicated by the success of the product. Many of the big decisions at Balsamiq have been motivated by a desire to nurture the Balsamiq user community while offering his distributed team a great place to work. Whilst they remain big motivating factors, as the company has grown to a team of 25, some of the assumptions that held true in an organization with a handful of people no longer apply. In fact, almost everything changes at 25 people.

Peldi considers some of the big changes he’s tried as a founder, sometimes unsuccessfully, to continue to develop the business and retain the core values of the company.

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