Doerte Letzmann

Assistant to the CTO , Redgate Software

Doerte is the assistant to the CTO at Redgate Software.

She previously worked in academia, politics, and the charity sector. An experienced multi-tasker, she ran her own charity while studying for a PhD in history at Royal Holloway University of London, and writes for the German weekly “Jungle World”. Having ended up working in software by accident, she absolutely loves the fast-paced, agile environment, which has shaped her approach to being a modern assistant. Software is now her thing, and it’s her mission to turn her boss and team into a smooth-running machine.

Lightning Talk: Doerte’s Guide to Making Your EA’s Life a Misery

Paradoxically, many senior people feel they are too busy or their life is too complicated and disorganised to have a PA/EA. Doerte has managed some incredibly brilliant, but scatty, people and will share some simple observations and knowledge that can be used either to make your and your assistant’s life a total misery, or you can build a better, more effective and fulfilled life. The choice is yours.