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BoS Conference Europe 2017

Business of Software Conference is a single-track conference, every speaker, in the words of Joel Spolsky, would be, “a headline keynote at most other conferences”. Our 2017 speakers will be sharing secrets, short cuts and insights to help you build a better software business.

We build in lots of time to network, talk and learn from others. We work hard to connect you with other attendees that can help solve your challenges.

This is a provisional programme, subject to change and speaker additions.

Arrival, Sunday 4th June

bowling19:00 – Registration Open. Join us for drinks in the Bowling Alley, with private bowling  for conference attendees, canapes and drinks for some laid-back pre-conference mingling.


Day One, Monday 5th June

breakfast07.30: Breakfast in The Courthouse

09:00: Conference commences:





Alexander Osterwalder, Founder, Strategyzer: Understanding the Jobs Your Customers Want Done

Alex will take you through three questions that can improve products by helping developers step into the shoes of their customers.

Jason Eckenroth, Founder/ex CEO, ShipCompliant: Bootstrapped to Acquired: A Raw Share of the Ecstasy and Agony of a Successful Exit

Why did a ‘successful exit’ feel so wrong? Jason will talk about the mistakes he made in selling and what he wished he had realised before he did.


Giacomo “Peldi” Guilizzoni, CEO & Founder, Balsamiq: Everything Changes with Employee 25

The assumptions that hold true in an organization with a handful of people no longer apply when you grow to a team of 25. Peldi discusses some of the big changes he’s tried as a founder, sometimes unsuccessfully, to continue to develop the business and retain the core values of the company.

lunch1Lunch & facilitated networking

Recharge your batteries over lunch and meet up with like-minded attendees to share problems and solutions.


Dana Denis-Smith, Founder & CEO, Obelisk Support: Human First, Everything Else Comes After

Only if  you understand the relationship dynamic of both customers and your team can you make good CRM technology decisions that enable you to scale. Dana will share her insights, plus her quest for product market fit and ways that all companies can tap into undervalued talent pools.


Kirsten Butzow, Product, Pragmatic Marketing: Dysfunctional Teams and The Wisdom of Ants

No matter what size your organisation, you have almost certainly worked in a team that doesn’t work as effectively as it could. Kirsten will describe some of the most dysfunctional teams she has worked with and how even leaf-cutter ants could teach them how to function more effectively.

Jon Reynolds, CEO, co-Founder, Swiftkey (now Microsoft): Riding the Swiftkey Rocket Ship from Startup to Acquisition

Jon will discuss some of the key points in his entrepreneurial journey from junior civil servant in 2008 to CEO of a tech company whose predictive technology is used daily by over 300 million people. What did he learn along the way, before selling the business to Microsoft in 2016? What would he have done differently with the benefit of hindsight?

18:00 – Close

dinner118:30 – Drinks, Networking, Dinner 

Join us and our speakers for an evening to meet new contacts and make new friends.



Day Two, Tuesday 6th June

breakfast07.30: Breakfast in The Courthouse

09:00: Conference continues:





Craig Sullivan, Founder, Optimal Visit: The Sullivan Hierarchy of Optimisation Needs

You could easily spend all your resources optimising everything in your operation but you don’t have time… Craig will help you understand how to prioritise your effort, know where your limited resource can be focused to maximise returns, deliver and measure ROI on your activities and generate more profitable sales.

Scott Eblen, Director of Product Management, Twitter: Make Your Own Rules to Make Stand-out Products

Scott will show why successful product management requires a degree of lateral thinking and a willingness to challenge or ignore conventional ‘wisdom’.


Lightning Talks

Doerte Letzmann, Assistant to the CTO, Redgate Software: Doerte’s Guide to Making Your CTO Assistant’s Life a Misery

Doertze has managed some incredibly brilliant, but scatty, people and will share some simple observations and knowledge that can be used either to make your and your assistant’s life a total misery, or build a better, more effective and fulfilled life.

Peter Coppinger, CEO Founder, Teamwork: We don’t need No Stinking Sales Team

From a young age, Peter Coppinger, dreamed of creating a software company. In 1999, straight out of college, his dream came true and led him to build, an online project management solution. In his talk, Peter will share his experience and tell you when should SaaS companies invest in sales teams?

Jon Torrens, Coach and speaker: Pitch like a Jedi Master

Jon’s worked as a designer (and experienced the joy of deadlines) at games companies including Sony & Criterion Games, a professional stand-up comic for a few years, and now he is on stage teaching how to pitch like a pro. Jon is full of tips and tricks to help you maximise your communication.

Anna-Jayne Metcalfe, CEO Founder, Riverblade Software: Everything’s Fine

Anna has over 15 years experience of working on development projects in both the military and commercial sectors. In her talk she will help you to deal with crises by understanding  how our minds work.

Andrus Purde, Head of Marketing, PipedriveFrom hand to hand combat to a Bond villain: the evolution of a SaaS marketing team (and yours truly)

Andrus Purde is head of marketing at Pipedrive, a simple tool that helps small teams get their sales organised. His experience in marketing roles led him to understand how it is essential to built a strong strategy following the growth of your company.

Greg MenvielleCEO Founder, SmartNotifyCan Fake Data Kill A Business?

Gregory Menvielle is a French-American entrepreneur who has over 20 years of experience in IT, in international expansion. He is an expert in data management, and will guide you in the world of data and give you advices and tips to use in your businesses.

Tim DobsonFounder, Migration Dragon: Living in a van means Lean as a lifestyle

Two years ago, Tim decided there wasn’t enough problem-solving in his life, so he thought he’d redesign his home from scratch. In a van. Through stories, Tim will share the techniques he used to work out what to build, how to build it and the mistakes he made along the way.


lunch1Lunch and facilitated networking

Recharge your batteries over lunch and meet up with like-minded attendees to share problems and solutions.


Dupsy Abiola, CEO, Founder, Intern Avenue: Unbreakable Rules to Run My Business By

Dupsy will share five of the rules she lives by and tell the stories behind them. From finding the right advice for you, changing direction, through navigating the sometimes murky world of investors to how to pitch your business effectively to customers, partners, investors you’ll learn some great lessons from her honesty and openness.


Simon Johnson, General Manager, Freshdesk UK: Taking on New Territory – The Three Pillars of Successful Conquest

Establishing a presence in new territories is inevitable for any software business that aims to be a global leader in its field but often companies underestimate the complexity of the process. It is rarely as simple as opening a sales office in a serviced office and letting the new team get on with it. Simon has experience as an executive charged with developing overseas markets from the UK and as the UK lead of one of the fastest growing SaaS companies in the world Head Quartered in Chennai. He will share the three things he believes are critical to making new offices work effectively and  profitably.

Vince Darley, VP Growth, Deliveroo: Making Complexity Simple(r)

Vince will draw on his significant experience as a data junkie to argue that we need to switch the obsession for seeking the coolest, newest predictive/learning models for an obsession with finding (usually simple) things that improve your business. He will share some of the simplest ideas that you can use in your business to make better informed decisions.

By 17:30 – Close


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Atmosphere & Approach

Code of Conduct

Attendees are exceptional people who want to be the best they can be in their chosen career. Entrepreneurs, established and emerging leaders, they come to learn from each other, not to party (though there will be plenty of social activity). So many events are about everyone being on ‘broadcast mode’, Business of Software is different, people come to listen and learn from each other, to share their problems and help each other be successful.

Speakers don’t hide away in a VIP Room. Everyone that attends is on this journey together and they want to learn from you as much as you want to learn from them. We help you understand all of the important elements that come together to make great software and great software companies.

This is not a mass produced event. We HATE going to events that promise much and deliver little. We HATE events where you have to bring a telescope to see the stage, where the speakers are whisked off into a secure room straight after their keynote where you were left feeling like you had just paid to listen to a sales pitch. It sucks if you pay good money to attend an event and a treated like one of a large flock of sheep. We will feed you well. You are as likely to sit next to the speaker at lunch than anyone else.

Join us and discover how a conference should be run – for the benefit of the attendees. You will probably not go to another conference again.

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