Running a Conference? Don’t Break a Leg.

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The 4th Business of Software Conference Europe 2017 is over but the memories will stay with us for a long time, for lots of, mainly, great reasons!

The Planning Before the Storm. Pre-Event Briefing


We were delighted to welcome awesome software and product people for the first time to London last week. A huge thanks to everyone who came from around the world and made it such a special event. Who would have thought that when one of our speakers, Kirsten Butzow, offered a prize for the person that had traveled the furthest to attend, it would kick off a fight between the Australians in the room? (Thanks Scott and Tim. There was a New Zealander too but he was too polite to say anything).

Here are a few of the things that will stay with us.


The BoS recycled T-Shirt Cushion Collection

Tweet of the Conference

Registration and Welcome Drinks

Nice to see more serious business clothing in evidence.


Pre-event registration reception and bowling.


Networking Transylvania style


Turns out Peldi throws a mean bowl as well as a mean talk.



The first talk from Alex Osterwalder, founder of Strategyzer and author of Business Model Generation and Value Proposition Design, got guests listening, thinking and working together to understand the jobs their products need to do.

Alex Osterwalder. Business Model Generation and Value Proposition Design


No more cowbell needed at this BoS.


Sean and Shane the twin co-founders of Admin Arsenal share some hair styling tips with first time guest William McNamara.


Killer talk from Jason Eckenroth on the agony and ecstasy of selling his business.


How Peldi sees himself proving imposter syndrome is alive and well.


The Mona Lisa picture in the bar. Mark has offered a ticket to next year’s BoS to the first person who can photograph themselves next to a worse version.


This wins no prizes…



Monday night networking dinner in the cells of the old courthouse.


Scott Eblen, Director of Product at Twitter, poses a big question.


Dupsy Abiola explains why she doesn’t want to work with Bozos.

Lightning Talks are always a highlight.

Tim Dobson Migration Dragon

Tim Dobson gave a talk about how his life changed when he started living in a van.

Advice for Conference Organisers

On balance, it is probably not ideal if your key people don’t trip downstairs and break something until the event is over. Nicola spent most of the second day at A&E having broken her ankle in the morning of the second day.


Nicola Breen, conference organiser extraordinaire, does like to make an entrance.


Lessons learned: ‘Break a leg’ is an expression that should only be used in the theatre. Don’t walk down stairs in the morning checking your emails.


Huge thanks to our sponsors/supporters:

See you at the next one…

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