How to be a Lightning Talk speaker at BoS Europe

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The Lightning Talk Competition is coming to BoS Europe 2015! We’re delighted to be running this in the Europe because it has always been one of the highlights of the US Business of Software Conference programme.

The Lightning Talk Competition entrants receive a free pass to the Business of Software Conference they are speaking at, the chance to share an idea they care about with a live audience of 200 (as well as the viewers of the Business of Software videos which reach a very large audience worldwide), and the respect of their peers. (Don’t underestimate the last one).

If you want an opportunity to speak at Business of Software Conference, please consider sharing something you are passionate about with a great group of software people.

So how to do it? Lightning Talks follow a simple format – every speaker gets 15 slides and 30 seconds per slide to talk about a subject of their choice. The slides advance automatically. Warning, they are a challenge!

Patrick McKenzie, winner of the Lightning Talk Competition in 2010 (‘Hello Ladies’) and a speaker the following year (Engineering your marketing outcomes) was very clear when we spoke that he found the Lightning Talk to be the most challenging, (I think he said in fact, “terrifying”), by far.  It is a challenge worth rising to though and Lightning Talk speakers over the years have told us that doing a Lightning Talk has been of real value to them – not least because those talks have often been a platform to a lot of other speaking opportunities.

Send an email to and enclose:

Your name

The title and description of the talk you propose

A link to a video of you speaking – ideally about what you want to do a Lightning Talk about.

We will review all of the submissions, and pick what we feel will be the most appropriate ones, to talk live at BoS Europe 2015.


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